by B Gellatly
The Daily Telegraph (Australia)
March 16, 1987

NEW DELHI: Policemen are the prime targets of a marauding monkey which has attacked 35 people — most of them in uniform — in an eastern Indian town.

The monkey added another victim to its list on Friday when it slipped into a police barracks and bit a sleeping constable in Kharagpur town, Bihar State, the Hindustan Times newspaper said.

The incident was consistent with the monkey’s previous attacks. It usually struck at police officers after sundown, the report said.

Monkeys are venerated in India as symbols of strength.

A few years ago, the Bihar State administration came under fire from the public after it decided to reduce the monkey over-population in some areas.

Last year, the Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh transported thousands of monkeys to remote forests after they virtually took over the tourist town of Shimla.


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