Deutsche Presse-Agentur
March 21, 1998

NEW DELHI: Monkeys who got high on samples of liquor brought for testing in Delhi’s excise lab are making life miserable for the city’s excise department officials, reports said Saturday.

The monkeys addicted to booze become violent when they do not find liquor. One official got a taste of it when a huge monkey jumped into his room and started tearing files in a rage at not being able to get a drink, the Hindustan Times reported.

The simian was joined by seven others who wrecked the office at leisure for over an hour. Excise office staff say the monkeys get violent the day they do not get liquor.

“The monkeys are permanent residents of this place. They roam around freely and no one stops them. Slowly they became addicted to alcohol samples which were brought for laboratory testing” an official said.

“They are just like humans. There are times when they can’t manage to enter the laboratory. Then they move into the office complex and start destroying office property” an official said.

“After ransacking the office they usually move out and even cut the telephone wires by biting them” the official said.

The laboratory is literally overflowing with alcohol. Hundreds of alcohol samples sent by police and several pharmaceutical companies who use it to manufacture medicines. The apes have a field day with booze as intimidated excise officials watch helplessly.

Besides getting drunk, the monkeys also destroy samples sent for testing their quality, authorities said.

All attempts to catch the tipsy monkeys have failed. Several plans were chalked out to nab them but the simians proved smarter, officials said.

As officials are working overtime to capture the monkeys the animals are making merry. “Going by the rate at which they have been drinking the alcohol samples, each monkey must have drunk hundreds of bottle by now” an excise office employee said.


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