New York Times
March 11, 1955

NEW DELHI: India has banned the export of monkeys without special permission. The move takes effect immediately.

India has been carrying on a thriving trade in monkeys. The bulk of the exports went to the United States for medical research. A monkey that costs $2 here is sold for $4 in the United States.

Monkeys cause extensive damage to crops in India and the Government had allowed their free export. The aim was to minimize damage to crops and earn foreign currency.

Reports of inhuman treatment of animals while in transit and stories that they were tortured in United States laboratories have evoked widespread resentment and protest among Hindus who worship the monkey.

However, the Government will allow export if it is satisfied that monkeys are needed for medical research and will receive humane treatment in transit.

Official sources said 16,249 monkeys were exported in the year ending March, 1954. More than 80 per cent were sent to the United States. The number exported in the eight months ending November, 1954, was estimated at 41,457.

Business circles reacted sharply to the curb. Some exporters experssed the view that it would seriously affect research for prevention of polio in the United States.

Commercial sources said about 50,000 to 80,000 monkeys awaiting shipment from Calcutta, Bombay and New Delhi would have to be held back until the Government had considered the case of each consignment.


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